Terms and conditions

These conditions limit our liability, please read condition 8 very carefully to make sure that you fully understand these conditions. You are advised to purchase insurance of you wish to cover your risk above these levels.

1. Who is covered by these terms and conditions?

2. What items do we not accept?

3. Customs, duties, taxes and other charges

4. Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax

5. Opening items

6. When and how much you will have to pay for the services

7. What happens if you do not pay or you pay us late

8. The extent of our liability

9. Undelivered items

10. How to claim if your shipment or any items are lost or damaged

11. Postal regulations

12. Data protection

13. Where disputes will be dealt with

14. Where subcontractors or any other third party are used by you

15. General Terms and Conditions available in several languages