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Delivery solutions that won’t cost you or the earth anything more

CO2 neutral shipping and new strategies to reduce our environmental impact

Last year our parent company PostNL made the CDP A List for leadership in climate change efforts for the second year running. As part of the PostNL group, Spring GDS are proud to follow in their footsteps and set our own ambitious targets for measurable, transparent and significant action on our environmental impact.

From volumetric pricing systems to hybrid cars and single-trip returns solutions, our teams in all countries are finding local initiatives that can reduce CO2 emissions at every step of the delivery journey.

We are finding end-to-end cross-border delivery solutions with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

As we cover thousands of kilometers by road and air delivering and returning your parcels worldwide, it is not possible to completely eliminate our CO2 emissions - for now. However, we can compensate by investing in climate protection projects, making our activities CO2 neutral.

Spring GDS pride ourselves on finding end-to-end delivery solutions that are cost-effective and simplified for you and your customers. This year we are doubling our efforts to integrate sustainability actions at every step, giving your business green credentials that count.

CO2 offset scales

We offset our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits, making your shipments carbon or CO2 neutral.

With the purchase of certified carbon credits we invest in climate protection projects that are proven to reduce atmospheric CO2. By doing so the 'scales are balanced' and our impact compensated.

How we offset the carbon footprint of your shipments

  • Spring GDS has procured VCS and Gold Standard brand carbon credits 
  • Your parcels are shipped from A to B, generating CO2 emissions 
  • Based on the type of service (mail, packet, parcel), distance and means of transportation we calculate the CO2 of your parcel and any other and add them all up. 
  • The calculations will be verified by an external independent organisation (Fira Sustainability B.V.)
  • Spring GDS retires the carbon credits used for offsetting these shipments
  • The carbon credit investment is used to support a windmill project in Turkey and a reforestation project in Peru
  • All your shipments with Spring GDS have been made CO2 neutral, supporting your brand and the environment

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Our role in sustaining the planet

We recognise our role in sustaining our planet, for future generations to come. We make a first and very important step to make our shipments carbon neutral. We will not stop there – we like to work with our customers and suppliers in the coming years to prevent CO2 emissions anywhere we can for a more sustainable supply chain. By working together we can make a difference, and create a better world for tomorrow.

Spring GDS is verified by Fira Sustainability Assurance:
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Climate protection projects

With the purchase of certified carbon credits we invest in climate protection projects that are proven to reduce atmospheric CO2. Learn more about these projects in Turkey and Peru.

Rainforest Peru

Rainforest and biodiversity protection in Peru

Located in the Peruvian Amazon, The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project protects an unique reservoir of biodiversity, endangered species and indigenous cultures. The Project aims to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Madre de Dios covers about 100.000 hectares of rainforest, about 400 km from the historic sight of Machu Picchu. 

Country: Peru
Technology: REDD+
Standard: VCS CCB Gold

Windmills Turkey

Renewable energy through wind mills in Turkey

The Mut Wind Power Plant in the Mut District in Turkey creates an alternative and renewable energy source. By utilizing wind energy the project aims to replace the grid electricity, which is constituted of different fuel sources causing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants resulting from the traditional power generation industry. By doing so it contributes to cleaner air and the conservation of water, soil, flora and faunas. 

Country: Turkey
Technology: Wind
Standard: Gold Standard

Justdiggit - waterbunds

Water Bunds purchased by partner Justdiggit

Water bunds: crescent-shaped pits in the ground that collect rainwater in dry areas in Africa, preventing it from washing away over the arid soil. By digging bunds, JustDiggit can re-green large areas of land in a short time, which has a positive effect on biodiversity, nature, people and – ultimately – our climate. 

Spring GDS purchased 542 water bunds in Kenya. This simple environmental action hydrates and re-greens the landscape, increases local biodiversity, absorbs atmospheric CO2 and helps local farming communities.