Ecommerce in Europe will reach €509.9 billion in 2016


The Hague, 2th June 2016 - Ecommerce in Europe is expected to generate a total revenue of 509.9 billion euros in this year. This is a growth of 12 percent compared to last year.

Ecommerce Europe published its European B2C E-commerce Report, of which the light version can be downloaded for free

An interesting trend at the moment is that the growth rate of the mature markets is leveling off. However, the overall European growth rate is maintained due to the rapid increase of several Southern and Eastern European e-commerce markets.

The report provides a promising outlook for the ecommerce industry. Today, only 43 percent of the European population of 15 years and older shop online, and 16 percent of them buy in another country. Full potential of the European ecommerce market has therefore not been reached yet. 

Source: EcommerceNews