Spring launches a new postal service into Germany for UK businesses

Spring launches a new postal service into germany for UK businesses

The Hague, 27th November 2015 - Spring in partnership with Postcon has launched a new postal service into Germany that will rival national postal operator, Deutsche Post.

UK business customers now have a viable alternative mail service provider that reaches every household in Germany through a nationwide daily service operated by 38,000 trained postmen.

The newly developed ‘Destination Germany’ cross-border business service operated through the well-established Postcon network, provides cost effective and efficient delivery of letters, invoices, direct mail, customer magazines, catalogue and press services for all UK businesses.

Spring and Postcon are offering customers attractive prices and a high quality service, including customisation and a variety of different delivery options into Germany.

Postcon is the largest alternative mail service provider in Germany. In 2014, 1 billion letters were delivered to German households through the Postcon network of 140 delivery partners and 38,000 postmen across Germany. Postcon already works with 10,000 business customers, including a number of large UK customers.

Postcon operates its own quality assurance system using internal and external measurements to track customer satisfaction. Postcon’s Six Sigma certified quality-management system ensures that all end-to-end services for customers are continually monitored, controlled and improved on to keep competitive and consistent with customer requirements.

“We’re responding to what our business customers have been telling us they need, and until now, has not existed for business mail entering Germany. Customers want a price competitive and fast service, but whilst swift and efficient delivery is of course essential, they don’t want to sacrifice care and quality in the collection and handling of their mail,” said Paul Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Spring. “Spring and Postcon together, offer a first of its kind in the market, a viable, price conscious, efficient and accountable alternative for posting business mail to Germany,” explained Paul.