Spring Tag & Trace - A new RFID service for e-commerce

Paul Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing UK, Spring Global Delivery Solutions

Differentiate yourself from the competition

London, 21st of September 2016 - Once a purchase has been made online customers want to know where it is, when it's going to be delivered and they want the proof. Retailers know they need to have tracking processes in place to meet the demands of their customers.

But for some retailers the low value of the goods being sent means it's just not economically sensible to have full track and trace functionality and insurance on those goods.

In such cases, retailers will often simply assume the risks themselves, and if the customer reports that the goods did not arrive then the retailer simply writes them off and sends them a repeat order of goods. That way the retailer keeps the customer happy and it's usually cheaper than using a track and trace service or insurance. But the retailer unfairly bears the cost, and quite often those lost goods turn up later having sat around in customs.

Now Spring has a solution to this - and it's the first of its kind solution for retailers who send goods cross-border. There is no one else offering our Tag & Trace service on goods sent internationally.

Tag & Trace uses RFID technology to provide information and transparency on the goods being sent. It's simple, the goods have an RFID Tag & Trace label attached and the customer and retailer can follow the delivery journey of the goods.

Instead of no information at all, there are up to 13 notifications at various stages of the delivery journey, including: when the goods are dispatched by Spring's international PostNL network, arrival in the destination country, customs clearance, and departure from the postal depot to the customer.

Retailers are not bound to use Tag & Trace all the time, they can decide when they want to use a Tag & Trace label, and for smooth processing the RFID data is integrated into their own automated systems.

When used Tag & Trace provides the retailer with information they previously did not have and could not communicate. In particular, RFID provides valuable feedback and insight into the performance of a 3PL provider and for any retailer wanting to send via Ebay, Amazon or other third party it offers the tracking needed by those channels.

Our first of its kind Tag & Trace service allows retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and that's the perfect way to build business and customer loyalty.

For more information please contact your account manager or contact us at marketing.glm@spring-gds.com