Choosing The Right Platforms for eCommerce Success

Rory O'Connor, Chief Executive, Scurri

Choosing The Right Platforms for eCommerce Success

London, 21st of September 2016 - With the increasing technology-dependent world we’re living in, online shoppers now demand a seamless experience when completing their order transactions. From the moment the order is placed on the web to when the package arrives at the selected delivery address, your reputation as a trustworthy e-tailer is at stake. With it easier to sell to an existing customer than find new ones, you will want to do all in your power to have your processes fully automated in order to ensure that the customer will keep coming back again and again to your webstore.

The eCommerce industry is constantly developing - both strategically and technically - to meet the shifting demands of the consumer. In order to eliminate process errors and delays in getting the goods to the customer, you need to invest ample time and money in choosing your integrated platforms for your online shopping business.

A reliable integrated system, comprising of your eCommerce platform of choice, your delivery management platform and your carrier’s technology, must be fully tested for all possible problems that can arise in the order process. Automating all processes from order placement, order processing, order fulfillment, labelling, shipping and tracking, delivery and returns helps to eliminate errors and delays – with the ease of importing the order to integrated systems, smart shipping rules and speedy data transfer to the carrier.

Technology service providers work hard to ensure total satisfaction is achieved before products are shipped, avoiding unnecessary hassles with the order delivery. Innovative retail and inventory management software enables retailers and distributors to streamline sales and supply chain operations across channels.

Investing in the right technology to power your eCommerce platform, website and promotions engine, placing the correct level of importance on customer management and retention, catalogue and inventory management, and marketing and PR, are all key to your future eCommerce success.

Online retailers such as Le Creuset, Mothercare, Olympus, Paul Smith and Rosetta Stone choose Magento’s open-source digital commerce platform and cloud-based omni-channel solutions to empower their retail businesses with its ability to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Providing a seamless eCommerce solution, Magento clocks up more than $50 billion in gross transactions each year.

Technological advancements in delivery are moving so fast that we cannot predict what the next best thing will be in the years to come. Carriers such as Spring are embracing latest innovation to lead the sector and offer a reputable, experienced delivery service that is excellent value for money.

Integrating a carrier into your warehouse operation and then printing the right label for the right package should not be a headache for you. Scurri’s single platform allows you to prepare, dispatch and track all of your shipments for your customers regardless of which carriers you use. Scurri also easily integrates parcel carriers and merchants - quickly and cost effectively.

The scalable and serviced delivery management solution simplifies shipping-label generation for online retailers. An integration API makes Scurri easy to deploy and to configure into existing processes, this reduces training and implementation time and improves overall operational efficiency. Indeed, Scurri is the most agile solution available on the market today.

Should retailers not have the ability to use complex carrier allocation rules, the delivery costs will be higher than they should be. The Scurri solution has a real product advantage with the way it allocates carriers by being flexible, it can connect retailers to carriers, it can convert customer orders into labels and then print the right labels for each parcel – easily and speedily, allowing you to retain your hard-won reputation as a reliable and trustworthy online retailer.

Diagram: eCommerce process flow