The launch of International Returns

Spring Global Delivery Solutions launches International Returns

London, 22 December 2016 - In November we launched Spring International Returns giving retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers a wider choice of return solutions with all the support that an extensive international network can offer. With an intelligent and customisable IT-platform and a set of value-added services in the solution, our customers can now offer their consumers hassle free and worldwide returns.

The return solution consists of tracked and untracked products for packets and parcels. The network consists of more than 150,000 drop-off locations, including local post offices, and a worldwide pick-up solution. The way International Returns works is that it uses a smart and customisable platform specifically built with e-commerce business requirements in mind. The platform gives customers the advantage of having their own branded landing page for returns and we offer intelligent interfaces to connect easily with the customers’ systems via the latest API technology. 

The solution is simple to use and scalable for all businesses; customers can enable their consumers to easily download return labels for free (which are available in 22 languages) via branded portals linked to their website. Alternatively, consumers can purchase a return label in the portal with Sender Pays or Sender Part Pays to share the costs. Customers can also opt for label-in-the-box solutions. 

In Europe we also have some advantageous services along the returns route, including opening packages, inspecting or scanning the returned items to speed up refunding and re-stocking. 

"This creates for the very first time the flexibility and customization in returns that retailers require, and at an affordable price," said Paul Taylor, Head of Sales& Marketing UK, Spring Global Delivery Solutions. 

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