Your package is your image

 Your package is your image

The Hague, 21 December 2016 - The growth in e-commerce also brings along change. Change in Marketing, Design and Logistic, and more. One of these changes is brand impression. When buying online, the way the package is presented to you forms a great deal of the total customer experience. Changes in packaging are now starting to emerge, and not just in its appearance. New package designs can lead to cost reductions and sustainable packaging solutions.

PostNL delivers 160 million packages and parcels per year in the Netherlands. In December even up to 1.2 million per day. According to Philippe Christiaansen, Senior E-Business Development Manager at PostNL, Logistics packaging will be the marketing of the future. On a daily basis customers get to unpack a present, so to speak. This unpacking plays an important role in the customer brand experience. Fifteen years ago Procter & Gamble introduced the phrase “first moment of truth” when consumers where in front of the shelf, and the “second moment of truth” when consumers first start using the product. In 2011, Google added the “zero moment of truth” for the online decision of the consumer. The consumer experience is changing along with the growth of e-commerce. That moment where the package is received is now becoming the first moment of truth. It’s the first physical contact with your brand. It’s something to focus on in order to leave a unforgettable brand impression.

When you decide on changing your package design, use the opportunity to not only make changes in how it looks. Use this chance to also rethink your packaging and go for durability. The idea of a sustainable company is becoming more and more an important for people who want to buy a product. Why use a big standard box that contains mostly air and bubble plastic if you can also find better suitable packaging options. Choosing different packaging materials such as paper (recyclable) or raw cardboard is a way to show consumers that you choose for durability.

A good example of a retailer that uses it packaging to its full potential is a Dutch company called CoolBlue. They have their boxes printed in clear company colors with funny texts on them. For example there is the option to cut out a Thank You card for your neighbor in order to thank them for accepting the package on your behalf. It also shows how you can do exercises using the box. These things all contribute to the first moment of truth. To stimulate people in giving the box a ‘second life’, they also have a photo competition for customers. The idea is to create something from the box and make a picture in order to win. Lots of people now do this every month, creating a lot of extra positive awareness on social media.

There are many options and every company has it own share of stakeholders that has so see and understand the necessity for a change like this. But the fact remains that progress can not be stopped and packaging will continue to play a more important role in e-commerce.