PostNL Gateway to Europe

A single point of entry for all your small parcels destined for the European Union

European customers want a fast and reliable delivery service, also when they order for instance from China. PostNL offers a 4 to 7 working day end-to-end delivery at a postal rate. With the Gateway to Europe solution of PostNL you can offer your European consumers the delivery experience they are used to.

Cross- border online sales continues to grow rapidly. Europe now represents the largest e-commerce market in the world. Target Europe with a fast and reliable delivery service, so consumers do not feel any barriers ordering on a Chinese webshop.

Spring Global Delivery Solutions are fully part of the PostNL Group. Outside the Benelux we operate as their exclusive sales agent. Allowing you direct access to a nationwide distribution network and around 7 million households.

We have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore which allow us to offer Asian webshops and merchants local expertise to global trade.

The benefits of PostNL Gateway to Europe

  • A minimum of 3 tracking updates throughout the delivery process 
  • Reliable and affordable service 
  • Fast end to end delivery in 4-7 working days 
  • Excellent customs knowledge and local VAT compliancy
  • Integrated consumer return solution

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Optimising your consumer experience

The fact that some products are not (yet) available in consumers’ home countries or that products are significantly cheaper abroad are given as significant reasons for shopping abroad. International comparison sites create an impulse through price transparency and offering user reviews and ratings. Moreover, due to the rise of social media, the online (delivery) experiences of consumers are transparent for everybody and therefore crucial for your reputation. For this reason, it is important to choose a reliable parcel delivery partner. Gateway to Europe by PostNL is the most reliable and affordable way to deliver small parcels from China to Europe in 4-7 working days.

What does it cost?

Our prices depend on volumes, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight and destination. In many cases we are able to provide a tailored solution, which means you may qualify for a discount depending on your needs. Therefore please contact us for a customised offer.

Product specifications

Maximum dimensions: 600mm and 900mm in total
Maximum weight: 2 kg

How does it work?

Learn how Gateway to Europe works for both your consumers in the European Union and for you as an e-tailer.

Gateway to Europe

1. Prepare for dispatching.

Create an address label according to the specifications. It is crucial that the goods sent be compliant with EU and destination country legislation so a CN 22 Customs label is mandatory. Registered packets are sent with a unique tracking number. PostNL Parcels will provide the range. To save costs, you can already sort the packets by country of destination. If not sorted, an unsorted surcharge applies.

2. Collection and International transit.

The collection services are flexible. You can drop-off your items, Or a pick-up will be arranged. At the warehouse, all packets will be prepared for the international transit to The Netherlands including the export customs processes. Toll Global forwarding provides the collection and international transit to The Netherlands.

3. Arrival at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands and bulk transport to the IMU.

4. Bulk breakdown and onward distribution of the individual packets to the different countries.

We scan all your individual packets and sort them by country. Then the packets will be transported to the different country of destination.

5. Local customs clearance and last mile delivery

Customs clearance takes place in country of destination and last mile delivery by local postal company.

6. Returns

All undeliverable shipments will be returned to the Netherlands and sent back to China.