Easy shipping integrations

Streamline your logistics with Spring GDS

⁠Spring GDS connects to the world's leading e-commerce and shipping platforms. Import orders and print shipping labels before shipping your mail items, parcels and returns with Spring GDS through some of the most reliable carrier networks.

Connect with Spring GDS

Make our international shipping solutions part of your supply chain. With our easy integrations, you can get set up in seconds.

Send packages

Send small e-commerce packages of up to 10.5kg to customers around the world.

How to integrate shipping within your website

There are multiple ways to access international shipping from within your website admin: 
  • Download a shipping app on your e-commerce platform. The Spring GDS shipping app is currently available on Shopify, PrestaShop and plentymarkets. 
  • Integrate a shipping API on your e-commerce website. It will allow you to access our international shipping solutions through a custom website integration.  
  • Integrate with a shipping platform that allows you to access multiple carriers at once. Spring GDS is available on industry-leading shipping platforms including ShippyPro, SendMyParcel, Metapack and more. 
Can’t integrate shipping with your system or website? No problem. Simply log into the Spring GDS portal online and import your orders manually in various file formats. 

Suggest an integration

Are you using a shipping or e-commerce platform that you'd like to connect with Spring GDS? Contact our team to leave a suggestion!

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