Grow your Shopify business with Spring GDS

Download Spring GDS’s easy Shopify integration to start shipping internationally

Businesses using Shopify as their e-commerce platform can now reach customers around the world with our easy webshop integration.

Tailored international delivery solutions

Find the most cost-effective ways to reach customers around the world.

Easy label printing and management

Print your shipping labels in PDF, ZPL or PNG format directly from your Shopify portal.

No-fuss returns

Give your customers simple, free returns options which you can manage from a single portal.

Access the full range of Spring GDS features

🗸 Find the most cost-effective deliveries using our network of over 230 reliable worldwide carriers. 

🗸 Start printing your labels immediately in a range of formats. 

🗸 Manage all your outgoing and return shipments from the same portal. 

🗸 Let us handle customs clearance, VAT and Duty payments administration for EU-UK shipments. 

🗸 Protect the environment with CO2 neutral deliveries at no extra cost.

How to install the Spring GDS Shopify module

  1. Download the plugin from the Shopify app store 
  2. Contact your local sales team to get your API key 
  3. Configure the app with the help of the easy user manual

And that's it! You can start shipping with Spring GDS to customers worldwide.

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