PostNL Direct Mail

Reach out to new and existing customers anywhere in the Netherlands

Whether you need to generate leads, launch new products, distribute your catalogues, make special offers or conduct research, we have inside information into the Dutch market. 

Spring Global Delivery Solutions are fully part of the PostNL Group. Outside the Benelux we operate as their exclusive sales agent, allowing you direct access to a nationwide distribution network and around 7 million households. The quality of postal services in the Netherlands is amongst the highest in Europe, with over 95% of mailed letters being delivered the next day.

Depending on your needs we can offer you various solutions.

The benefits of PostNL Direct Mail

Did you know that:

  • 77% of Dutch households receive several mailings per week 
  • 51% of the recipients read the content and 
  • 21% is the average response to direct mail. 

Via PostNL we can offer you various choices of delivery speeds and discounts based on mail volumes and how you prepare and present your mail, depending on your needs.

Contact us for personal advice

What does it cost?

Our prices are dependent on volumes, frequency, collection addresses and of course weight and destination. In many cases we are able to provide a tailored solution, which means you may qualify for a discount depending on your needs. Therefore please contact us for a customised offer.

Choose your delivery speed

PostNL offers various delivery speeds. Is the exact date of delivery important to you or do you have a non urgent mailing that needs to be send? Find your solution below.

Bulk Mail DM 48h

  • Available from 250 items per mailing
  • Day certain delivery:
    Handover on Tuesdays – Delivery on Thursdays
    Handover on Thursdays – Delivery on Saturdays

Bulk Mail DM 72h

  • Available from 250 items per mailing 
  • Day certain delivery 
  • Cost efficient option for your direct letter mailings to the Netherlands:
    Handover on Mondays – Delivery on Thursdays
    Handover on Wednesdays – Delivery on Saturdays
    Handover on Fridays – Delivery on Tuesdays

Choose your format

Weight limit
Small (only paper)Up to 229mm x 162mm x 5mmUp to 50g
Large (only paper)
Up to 324mm x 229mm x 10mmUp to 350g
Special (also letterbox packets and letters wrapped in foil)Up to 380mm x 265mm x 32mmUp to 2,000g