I have entered the barcode, but don’t get any tracking information. What can I do?

A Registered Mail service barcode has a standard format. It has 13 characters and starts with two letters, followed by 9 numbers and closed by two letters again. An example of a correct barcode format is RS 123 456 789 NL. If you have a different barcode format then please ask your webshop/seller where you should track your shipment.

If your country isn’t mentioned in the country overview then this means that your national postal provider doesn’t share the scanning information with us. Therefore you don’t see any results in the track & trace module. It doesn’t mean that your shipment isn’t being sent though! Please check 17track.net or the website of your national postal provider to view the status of your shipment. 

If you have the right barcode, and your country is mentioned in the country overview but you still don’t get information then first try 17track.net. You simply enter your barcode in the postal carrier shipment tool. 

If that also doesn’t provide you with the information then please contact us via question@spring-gds.com so we can help you further.