Cut through the clutter - with direct mail

Paul Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing UK, Spring

Cut through the clutter - with direct mail

London, 23th of September 2016 - Direct mail has been making a comeback. For some of course, it never went away - many luxury brands have continued to use it despite the popularity of digital marketing. Those brands can see that there is an advantage in maintaining relations with their customers through a more tangible form of communication than email or social media.

So should we use direct mail more? Surveys show consistently that response rates are much better for direct mail than they are for digital marketing, especially email. Why is that? Well a good piece of direct mail can be innovative and it can stand out from all the daily digital clutter received online and grab the attention of the recipient. 

Our many years' experience from working with direct marketing agencies has taught us that there are four things to make a successful mailing:

  1. An abundance of creativity.
    Your direct mail needs to get the recipient to act or think in a certain way. Think about the content, tone and the language but don't neglect the way it is addressed, the look and even the feel of the paper and envelope. 
  2. Working with the right mailing list.
    Your list needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure it is up to date containing the right contacts and addresses for your particular campaign.
  3. Always code.
    If you code the direct mail campaign then you can measure its success much more easily.
  4. Delivery time.
    Think about the timing of your direct mail campaign. If you're a car dealership then mailing soon after Christmas may not be the best time to attract people to buy new cars, contrast that same period for a travel or health and fitness company. Whether you decide to use direct mail on its own or as part of a marketing mix involving email and social media, at Spring we can help you by offering a service tailored to your needs regardless of the volume or frequency of your mailings.