An exclusive behind the scenes at PostNL

An exclusive behind the scenes at PostNL

Earlier this year, our colleagues of Spring France attended the Monaco 1-to-1 conference to position themselves as the cross border e-commerce delivery partner for French e-tailers. With more than 40 meetings it was a great success, and there was a special interest in our “Destination Benelux” delivery options. To follow-up on that event we organised an exclusive behind the scenes tour at PostNL.

As the exclusive sales agent for PostNL we can offer direct and unparalleled access to the Benelux. We wanted to give our guests a behind the scenes look to fully understand what we can offer them. We kicked off at the SS Rotterdam (former Holland-America cruiseship) with a detailed overview of the Dutch and Belgian e-commerce market. Then it was on to the speed dates between our guests and specialists from PostNL providing them with more detailed insights into products, data and marketing. We then continued by heading for a meeting with the Board at the Head Office in The Hague.

The exclusive behind the scenes tour didn’t stop there. We took our guests to a PostNL sorting facility to show them how parcels are being processed, and to provide them with insights how our systems work. After a full day it was time to head for the Euromast to reflect on the day and enjoy a great dinner. Some of the guests then said that they would like to go “en route” with our parcel deliverers to experience first-hand how the parcels are being delivered. How could we say no to that?

So the next morning, we had 4 wonderful drivers who volunteered to take along our guests on their delivery round. All worked really hard, and were excited to be part of the actual delivery experience. Our final stop of this exclusive behind the scenes was to take them along to some PostNL retail locations. It allowed us the opportunity to show them how Dutch send and collect parcels.

Both our guests and us enjoyed the tour thoroughly. It was a great experience to show our guests why PostNL is the delivery partner for the Benelux, and we look forward to fulfilling their future shipments.