Boost your summer sales

Boost your summer sales

The Hague, 23 June 2017 - The summer has started and people are busy preparing for the beach and their holiday and spend less time shopping online. These summer months can mean a dip in your business. A survey on summer season shopping habits found that gross online sales decline by 30% in the summer period. We want to share with you some tactics on how to avoid the decrease in sales over the summer months, and boost your revenues instead.

Update Product Images and Descriptions

Use this period to update your product pages with new product descriptions and fresh and up-to-date product photos. Having a good description combined with clear images helps customers in their decision making and can make the difference between buying or not buying your product. By refreshing your product pages and their content, you can also improve your SEO. 

Do some good research on which keywords your customers look for and use them in your new content. This process may take some time, but the results will be rewarding.

Create New Content

Besides rewriting your existing content and polishing up the product pages, adding new content will also provide your customers with more information and a better shopping experience. You can create new content in the form of product videos, inspiration blogs, style guides or a newsletter. These extras will make customers more likely to identify themselves with your brand and products.

Get Seasonal

Shopping is all about moods. When a customer is browsing your website, it is important that you get him in the right mood. Changing your website theme according to the season and /or the holidays can help in setting the right mood and improving engagement. You can achieve this via imagery and design elements or seasonal promotions. Think about what products you can showcase that fit the season and maybe offer a special ‘summer promotion’ on these products. You don’t need to completely change your pages for every season. It’s easy to implement seasonal pop ups to your site. This will help you match the holiday or season, boost shopper engagement, and convert more sales without the hassle of a complete overhaul.

Provide special offers and discounts

Sure, starting a sale can give your revenue some boosting, but maybe something a little different can spark more interest. Think about flash sales, where a product is only on discount for a limited time. You can choose to do this weekly or even daily. This approach can lead your visitors to come back more frequently, as they are checking your website out for any new deals. You can also add a competitive element to it and encourage your customers to post their purchases online with a special hashtag on popular social media like Instagram and Twitter, which also provides you with extra advertising. For the winner(s) you can give away a discount, a free product or a store coupon. Announcing the winner can be combined with an event, creating more exposure for your business.

Make your website mobile ready

In the summer, people spend a lot more time outside and not behind their desktops. But when sitting at the pool side, on the beach or in a park, people will still be using their phones and tablets to browse the Internet. Having your website optimised for mobile performance is essential when you draw the customer in. Long loading times and out-of-scale images will result in a quick exit.