Direct Mail is here to stay

Direct Mail is here to stay

The Hague, 23 June 2017 - In this time of the digital take-over, is there any strength left in the printed mailings? The answer is yes, absolutely. It’s getting harder to be noticed as we are being flooded by e-mails and online advertising. More and more people start to turn off online marketing by ignoring e-mailings and using ad blockers. If you receive 30 emails per day, how many will you read? If you receive 1 or 2 items via traditional mail, you will notice these. Direct Mail still has the highest response rates of any medium.

As with E-mail Marketing or Social Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing is just one part of an integrated marketing campaign. At the same time, Direct Mail can give a boost to your other channels; a purchase triggered by Direct Mail enables you to use your other marketing tools to cross-sell additional products to a satisfied consumer. Product Marketers are taking a fresh look at Direct Mail and are integrating creative digital marketing techniques to get their messages out. There are a number of trends that are appearing in the Direct Mail market. We highlighted a few of them for you

The personal touch

The idea of personalised mailings is not new, and is already widely used. Statistics show however that over 80% of personalised mail is being opened. New technologies, such as programmatic marketing which captures online consumer activity, allow you to deliver a direct personalised message within days after an online product search. It can boost sales, as a potential customer is reminded of the product it was browsing for, and is often pleasantly surprised to find an personalised offer in the form of a physical Direct Mail in his mailbox.

The creative touch

A creative approach of your Direct Mail piece will not only help you to stand out, it will also increase the chance of it being opened and read. Try thinking ‘outside the envelope’ so to say. The use of small tubes and boxes can already do the trick. Also, 3D printing is now a widely available technique that doesn’t use up your entire budget in one go. One company experimented with a “message in a bottle” promotion consisting of a small plastic bottle with a note inside inviting the receiver to buy a product. When opting for a creative approach, consult with your print and mail partners to be sure that the design meets the postal guidelines, and doesn’t break your budget

Have a look

A relative new tool on the Direct Mail market is the video mailer with a built-in audiovisual player. The video starts to plays after opening the mailer or by pushing a button. The built-in video screen instantly grabs the attention. Being a novelty, there is a big chance the receiver will show it to others, increasing its range and impact. Being a relatively new form of Direct Mail, it comes at a high cost, and not suitable for just any campaign. However, you could use it to convert those key prospects into customers.

Direct Mail is still a strong marketing tool to attract, engage and retain customers, build brand awareness, increase sales, measure effectiveness, and deliver results. Of course, basic Direct Mail marketing rules still apply. You still need an up-to-date mailing list, creative content and designs, and a strong call-to-action to make your campaign a success. At Spring can help you with efficient Direct Mail solutions for getting your campaign to any destination in the world effectively and cost efficiently.