Free Returns to boost your Sales

Free Returns to boost your Sales

A customer order which gets returned a couple of days later. It’s a common practice that most e-tailers will recognise. Many online shops offer free returns as part of their service. However, free for the customers doesn’t mean free for the e-tailer. A high number of returns can be costly and make you rethink your free returns policy. But is that the right thing to do?
According to Alec Minnema a free returns policy without any additional consequences encourage customers to buy more. Minnema, a doctorate candidate at the Dutch University of Groningen, conducted a research on how e-tailers can manage and influence their returns in order to increase profitability.

Get a grip on your data

So how can free returns boost your sales? The research shows that many companies don’t look into the data why customers are returning items. Companies who do, have seen an average increase of sales by 20%. Also, a clear and customer friendly return policy makes visitors more likely to buy at your online shop. It removes a potential barrier for your customer to buy. It also more likely that your customer will then recommend your shop to his friends and family.

It’s all about the details

According to Minnema there are a number of things you can do to minimise the number of returns. You can extend the return period: the longer one can hold on to an item, the more attached they get to it, and the more likely they are to keep it. You can also minimise the number of returns by improving the product information and product photos on your website: display details of your product, and provide accurate and genuine product descriptions. Another thing you could do is to encourage your customers to leave an online review: keep it real, because even a “negative” review (e.g. size 8 is more a size 6) ensures that your customers can make an informed decision.

In the end, it’s all about a smile on their faces

Returns are a part of online shopping. Even if you provide the best product information, have lots of product pictures and customer reviews, there will always be returns. Therefore it’s key that you offer a good and easy return service.

When an item needs to be returned within your home market this is often pretty straight forward. However, when you have to deal with international returns this can be more complex. That’s why we at Spring offer International Returns: easy, flexible and intelligent returns for all your returns. From cost efficient to premium services, everything you need to offer your customers the best online shopping experience.

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