Grow your target audience

Grow your target audience

It comes to no surprise that online shopping is on the rise. With this growth also the number of online shops is growing. One might think that only large, multinational shops reach large audiences, but the truth is that these are available to the medium and smaller shops as well.

New technology provides a multitude of opportunities to improve your online shop. It can help to improve the accessibility of your shop, and create a better online shopping experience. It also allows you to use your visitors’ data for content marketing, and ensure you reach your target audience with effective mailings. If you learn to understand what drives your target group to your shop then you can use this knowledge to grow your customer database.

Another way to improve your online performance is to think about how you are going to fulfil orders. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You could use a fulfilment company to take care of your orders, or even consider drop shipments: whereby your products are shipped directly from the producer to the consumer. This saves you time, and money, and your customers get their orders quicker.

A good delivery experience is key for any online shopper. Do your customers expect it fast or cheap? Do they require full tracking or does a status update do the trick as well? Do they expect home delivery or do they prefer a pick-up point? Therefore you can make the difference by working with a delivery partner who understands your needs. At Spring, we offer a wide range of cross border packet and parcel solutions such as Tag & Trace, a cost effective tracking solution for low value items and our International Returns which make returning goods easy for both you and your customer.

And finally, don’t focus on the sell only. If you want to grow your audience then you need to interact with them. Show who you are, what you stand for, and make it personal. Not just online, but also offline. Why not wrap every order as a present? Or add a personal note? No matter if you’re a well established player or just starting, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Want to learn how we like to make the difference when it comes to cross border delivery? Then feel free to contact us.