Holidays are coming

Holidays are coming

With summer vibes peaking the moment to prepare for the upcoming holidays has arrived. Cyber Thursday, Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner. Start timely, and ensure the holiday period is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some tips to help you on your merry ways.

Use your data

A lot of businesses still don’t use the data they have. By analysing last year’s data you see where conversions came from, what the conversion was, and how you can boost your sales this year.

Tune to the right channel

Using your data can also help you to identify which channels you can use best for this year’s campaign. For example, if data shows that e-mail marketing was responsible for 30% of all conversions last year then it would be wise to boost your e-mail marketing campaigns this year. As mobile devices are more popular than ever, make sure your campaigns are optimised for mobile use as well.

Get social

Social plays a key role in your visibility. By starting a brand awareness campaign now on the relevant social media channels, you can create the right buzz for later. Also during the holiday season you should use Social for promotions and advertising. Start thinking about catchy hashtags and appropriate holiday images. Get it right, and you might even go viral. If you’re not using an automated Social Media tool now is a good time to consider whether such a tool can help you to save time during the peak season.

Think across borders

All over the world the holiday period is celebrated. This means that you might see an increase in your cross border orders as well. Take this time to make the necessary implementations on your website such as international delivery and payment options. At Spring, we offer a wide range of cross border delivery solutions to make sure your orders are delivered timely across the globe. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you to prepare for the holiday season.