Home delivery becomes in-home delivery

Home delivery becomes in-home delivery

As Internet access and usage continues to grow worldwide, more and more online purchases are done everyday. This causes changes in the shopping experience as we know it. Retailers now try to stay ahead of the competition by offering a wide range of services to meet customers’ demands on packaging and customised delivery.

Online shopping has already changed our shopping experience, and now online shopping is also subject to change. Consumers have taken their expectations from the store and showroom floors to the online arena. Their demands continue to increase and change when it comes to personalised services provided by the retailer, such as delivery and packaging solutions that fit with their ideas and wishes. Where once delivery at the doorstep was sufficient, now consumers expect their products to be delivered on the spot where they envision it to be in their home.

To stay ahead in this ongoing race, retailers seek ways to meet these growing demands. One of the upcoming services is the in-home delivery and installation. This means that the company’s delivery team will not just deliver the product, but also takes care of the installation or assembly of the product. All of this is done with a smile and a personal approach to ensure a satisfying shopping and service experience. Additional options such as having old appliances or packaging removed can add even more value to the service.

To be able to provide such a service, having the right employees is key. They must have the right set of skills to provide the full service experience. This means that as a retailer you can adjust the recruitment requirements for delivery staff or train your delivery staff to make sure that they are up for the news tasks at hand.

A cost effective alternative is to connect to a collaboration network. Such a network can offer additional capacity and the needed capabilities to meet all expectations. Connecting with a (local) partner can provide the desired service upgrade and keep costs at a minimum. The Dutch national post, PostNL, started with their Extra@Home service to provide a fitting solution for retailers looking for ways to meet current consumers expectations when it comes to assembly and installation services.