Social proofing your business

Social proofing your business

Online reviews. We read them when we go to a restaurant or when we want to buy a new tv. We value other peoples’ experiences when we are confronted with something new. It helps us with making decisions. This process of social proofing mostly takes place in the subconscious. There are easy ways for you to offer this form of guidance to your customers when they are on your website, taking away doubts and fears.

Seeing is believing

The written review is the most common to be seen on websites and product pages. But that is also the reason for a growing skepticism among people. Most reviews are done unanimously and can therefore be written by anyone. That does not mean that written reviews loose their effect, just make sure you use them in the right way. For example, have customers connect with their social media accounts when they write a review to make the reviews more personal and reliable. Also, stimulate your customers to make pictures of the products and sharing these on social media, tagging your company or brand in it, and writing something about the product. You can encourage them by offering a small prize every month to best picture and posting this on your website, perhaps in a special gallery. Visual testimonials are a strong form of social proofing and can reach a lot of people and additionally can also help attracting new potential clientele.

Others purchased the same article

You can achieve this with a simple display showing how many times a product was purchased. When a customer sees that the product is already sold over a 100 times or 500 times or more than a 1,000 times, it can take away any doubts about whether if it will be a good choice. A company that uses this concept with big success is Groupon. It can have an opposite effect when it is just small amounts that are shown, so be aware of your product and sales statistics before you start.

Be reliable

There are countless websites and online stores. Showing proof that you are a reliable party is very important to People hear stories about fake pages and online scams and it makes them suspicious and careful. Show people that your site is secure and that you work with trusted parties for payment and shipping Look on the websites or contact your third parties for the correct logos to use on your website. Most companies have special logo formats just for this purpose. And don’t forget about delivery. Choosing the right delivery partner plays an important role in your reliability. Offering a local experience e.g. the local postal provider will increase trust. Also think about the local preferences such as track & trace, and offering easy international return solutions. It can make the difference between making a purchase in your shop or the next.