Think inside the letterbox


One of the most appealing things of online shopping is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to receive a large variety of (international) products. Home delivery is still the most preferred delivery option worldwide. However, sometimes your customer isn’t home for delivery. Although, there are alternatives such as neighbour delivery or pick-up locations, you might also consider to look at your own shipments. Do they fit a standard letterbox? Then sending a letterbox package ensures your customer always receives its order at home, and for you, as an online retailer, it can lead to cost savings in your distribution.

More and more online retailers are literally thinking inside the box, and are looking into how they can make their shipments letterbox proof. For example, Garcon Wines introduced a flat bottle so that they can easily ship their orders a letterbox packages. Or the flower company BloomPost who designed a flat fresh pack to be able to deliver flowers via the letterbox. You can even go as far as ensuring that your letterbox package has an appealing design so it can also function as a gift box.

Letterbox size boxes can offer a financial benefit as well. As these items can be send via the standard (international) postal network it means that you can benefit from more cost efficient distribution costs. Fuelled by the demand of its customers, PostNL, the Dutch national postal provider, created a vacuum soft package which easily fits a standard letterbox. In collaboration with the University of Delft it created a double purpose smart envelope from recycled materials. Due to its innovative vacuum system it’s now possible to also ship a pair of jeans or sweater via the letterbox. As the envelope can be re-used, it can also be used for returns, making it an eco-friendly option as well.

Also at Spring we offer a wide variety of letterbox delivery options, like our Spring Tag & Trace. An affordable international packet service for low value items which provides you with detailed insights through RFID-technology.

If you would like to know more about letterbox delivery options then please feel free to contact your local Account Team. We are more than happy to think inside the letterbox with you.