Trust Mark for Global E-Commerce

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This month, the first global e-commerce trust mark was released by the Ecommerce Foundation; Safe.Shop. The purpose of Safe.Shop is to improve confidence in e-commerce world wide. Even with the continuous e-commerce growth, consumers and retailers are still confronted with a lack of trust from both sides. In the next three months, the trust mark will be launched in 13 countries.

There is no shortage in trust marks, as there are currently over 300 e-commerce trust marks worldwide. But most of these existing trust marks are national initiatives, focusing on a single or a few aspects of e-commerce like reliability, security and reviews. This separate (national) certification can complicate things, and can be especially complex for small- and medium sized e-commerce companies. Safe.Shop wants to bridge the borders, grow consumer confidence, and stimulate e-tailers to sell cross-border.

“We don’t intend to build a trust mark from scratch. There are many national retail and e-commerce associations and trust marks which already have a trusted certificate”, says Jorij Abraham, Director of the Ecommerce Foundation. “They know the local market and can serve local retailers and online stores much better than a central organisation could. Collaborating with local trust mark partners enables us to use the strength of the local brand and to build a global trust mark together.”

The first 13 countries that will implement Safe.Shop are Brazil, China, Croatia, Hong Kong, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, Senegal, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Supported by national e-commerce associations new processes and systems will be optimised according to the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct. Safe.Shop aims to have 30 countries to connected by the end of 2018, and is currently negotiating with e-commerce associations in Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, the UK and the US.

Online stores can apply for the trust mark through their national e-commerce association or on the website.