Upgrade your customer experience with a tracking service for low value goods.

Upgrade your customer experience with a tracking service for low value goods

‘Can you send me that with track & trace?’ A question retailers know all too well. Nowadays when people order something online, they want to know where their package is at all times. Just a shipping confirmation is not always enough. Of course a track & trace service comes with additional costs. So when shipping lower value goods, these costs make it no longer economically sensible to use this service. This can cause you assuming extra risk by shipping without tracking.

As a solution, Spring offers Tag & Trace, our unique tracking service for international low value shipments. It uses a tag with RFID technology. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. An item containing an RFID tag can be identified and followed through radio waves. The RFID tag is actually a sticker with a chip in it. With Tag & Trace you get valuable insights at minimal cost. Your shipments can be easily traced around the world, and it allows you to provide an even better customer experience.

By adding a RFID tag to your package, you can make yourself stand out from your competitors by offering this extra bit of service. The system is easy to use. You can either replace your standard address label by our label, or add a RFID tag to your package. The tag can even be scanned while inside a package, telling you the various stages of the journey throughout our global network. The system that comes with Tag & Trace is easy to use and implement into your own system. The RFID tags can be ordered via our online portal.

Tag & Trace provides you with valuable feedback and insights into the performance of third party logistics. Also, when you want your goods to be send via a third party like eBay or Amazon, it offers the tracking needed by those channels.

As of May we will also be using Tag & Trace for mailbags containing small packages. By simply scanning the RFID tag attached to the bag we can quickly and easily process large volumes of packages at once. Our Asian customers are first to benefit from this Tag & Trace Mailbag service. Later in the year we will make this service available for customers in other countries as well.

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