A picture paints a thousand words

A picture paints a thousand words

This is true on many occasions, but when it comes to information regarding products, the product description can make all the difference. There are still many e-retailers that offer their products with just a photo - or a few photo’s- of the item. Even the most clear pictures don’t tell everything a customer needs to know. This can leads to customer dissatisfaction, loss of sales and unnecessary returns. So what can you do about this?

Selling your products online starts with good photos. But there are certain details that a photo cannot show, such as the product’s features, size and weight. In a store, the customer can pick it up, walk around it or read the details on the package. Adding information to the product page can help the customer make an informed decision about their purchase.

Look at your website through the eyes of the visitor to make sure the journey and experience would suit you as a customer. When placing a product on your website, you can add a caption containing the most important USP’s to capture the customers attention. If it’s a portable speaker, you can use the size as an eye-catcher: ‘This speaker fits in the palm of your hand.’

The use of product descriptions also has an extra benefit, they can give your website a SEO boost. Choose your descriptions carefully, using keywords that could increase your rankings in the search engine results.

The right information leads to the right decision. When a customer purchases an item online with limited information, there is a bigger chance that the purchase does not meet their expectations. Not only will this mean the customer is unsatisfied, he will also want to return the product. That are two situations you will want to avoid.

Of course, returns are part of the process, but you should avoid unnecessary ones to keep costs low and the customer satisfied and willing to come back. Find out more on our flexible and intelligent return solutions.