Easter can offer you golden eggs

Easter can offer you golden eggs

The time that Christmas and Black Friday are the main shopping events is over. Easter is growing in popularity as a shopping moment, as this year there was again an increase in sales over Easter. Shoppers look forward to celebrating a sweet Easter and the start of spring. For retailers, the month prior to Easter offers an opportunity to capture additional revenue. Planning ahead and launching a marketing campaign a few weeks out can help capture additional impressions, conversions and sales.

During Easter a lot of stores have to close their doors for 1 or even 2 days due to local government rules, but does not mean people don’t want to shop. This presents a chance for e-tailers to jump in and seize the opportunity. With some good preparation, you should be ready to direct additional business your way. Some people will place their orders a few days before the actual Easter weekend so make sure you prepare for that as well. 

To attract people to your business, the use of the so called ‘Easter eggs’ fits right in. Easter eggs are hidden pieces -in the form of information, images or references - that are put in plain sight for users to find. These can encourage visitors to actively engage with your website in search of more potential Easter eggs and become more aware of your products and possible deals. You can even create a small competition to find all the ‘Easter eggs’ and win a prize. 

The devil is in the details. So when preparing for Easter, update your emails, advertising and social media to tie in with your marketing campaign. Think about follow up links to your Easter campaign page, competition or special deals. Make sure your adverts are representative of your holiday offers and optimize your landing page so that searches for Easter deals result in your business featuring in the search engine results page. 

With holidays like Easter gaining popularity when it comes to shopping, it offers retailers new opportunities to stay ahead and generate additional sales. We can help you with that with one of our many solutions.