Make delivery part of your success

Make delivery part of your success

The number of people choosing to shop online continues to increase. This is good news but there are certain areas that need your attention in order to keep the customer satisfied, and most importantly continuing to shop with you. One thing that has proven to be crucial is getting delivery right first time, so what can you do to improve the delivery experience?

There are a number of reasons that can cause delivery problems. The most common is due to incorrect address information provided by the customer. Research conducted by Global Data Consortium shows that 18% of addresses completed online contain errors. Another reason is due to the customer not being available when the item is being delivered. It is advisable to identify issues and take steps to improve the customer experience as every very failed delivery attempt will cost you money. 

There are good address validation tools available to implement in your website to reduce the number of incorrect addresses being filled in. This will give you several benefits such as reduction in costs of undeliverable parcels, or creating a better consumer experience of first-time deliveries, which will help improve the chance of customers making a repeat purchase. 

There is of course more that you can do to improve the delivery experience. Start with going through your data. Make sure your database is up to date by planning a regular clean up. This will help ensure you are working with the latest and correct data, reducing the number of mistakes. 

You can also offer your customers the option to have their package delivered at a selected time slot or to an alternative address. This way they can choose a location of their liking so they can receive the package without having to change their plans, helping reduce second attempts and returns. 

Another solution is to update your customers on the progress on the delivery and the estimated delivery date, especially for cross border shipments. This can help reduce complaints for missed delivery and the ‘where is my package’ questions. You can use our Tag & Trace to give valuable information on low value parcels. 

Customers are looking for delivery options that fits their needs, so having the right delivery options and experience is needed in order to stand out on the busy e-commerce marketplace. Making sure you have the delivery part of your business streamlined is big part of your success. 

We can offer a wide range of solutions that can help you achieve this. Feel free to contact us to find out what we can do for you and you business.