Global top 10 largest e-commerce players

Global top 10 largest e-commerce players

The Hague, 10th March 2016 - Consulting firm Deloitte have listed the largest e-commerce companies in the world.
Deloitte who regularly lists the top 250 companies in the world also makes a list of the top 50 e-retailers. The top 10 e-commerce sites, from this list, are the following in Deloitte's report Global Powers of Retailing 2016. The complete list is based on data from the fiscal year 2014 and through to June 2015, and it only looks at business to consumer sales.

1. Amazon
2. Apple
4. Walmart
5. Otto (Germany)
6. Tesco
7. Macy's
8. Liberty (
9. Casino Guichard (France)

Omnichannel players dominate the list

39 of the companies in the full list are omnichannel retailers with bricks-and-mortar stores as well as online and other non-store operations.
11 companies are non-store or webonly retailers, including Amazon, the world's largest e-retailer. Amazon's revenue for 2014 was $70 billion excluding third party sales. Apple's estimated e-commerce sales of $20.6 billion in 2014 ranks the company in second place. Beats Alibaba in the Report

Online direct sales for, China’s largest e-retailer according to Deloitte, jumped 62 percent in 2014 to nearly $17.7 billion. Walmart, with online sales estimated at $12.2 billion, was the only other company to generate more than $10 billion in e-retail sales in 2014.
Alibaba is often cited as the largest e-tailer in the world but they mostly make money through sales on their marketplaces. They do however own a stake in that we can see above is number 10 on the list.

Source: Ecomony