Merry E-commerce Christmas!

Say it with a Christmas card

ecommerce christmas

Did you know sending a Christmas card is still very popular! It’s the Millennials that keep up this tradition of sending greeting cards, not only for Christmas but also for birthdays. In business, sending a Christmas card to your customers is a good way to stay connected and to go that extra mile.

Do you have an E-commerce business? Sending a Christmas card to your customers shows you are social and care about them. Consider a card that is designed in the theme of your company. Add it to all the packages that you send to your customers in the holiday month as a special touch and they will definitely remember you in the new year! 

Did you know:

  • That launching a sale will boost your sales numbers. Communicate it to your customers with a Christmas e-mail campaign. 
  • A countdown on your discounted prices makes it inviting to buy and makes it a special product: “Christmas Sale Only!” 
  • Gift wrapping is an appreciated additional service. Go for that great Christmas wrapping paper and make your customer feel as though they are saving time whilst increasing your average order value.
Not prepared anything yet? What about sending a Happy 2020 card to wish your customer a happy new year in a personal way. Or set up a nice new year’s sales campaign!