Social media advertising & online video will be powerful in 2020

Boost your E-commerce business with the right marketing mix

Social media

While you are busy preparing your E-commerce business for peak season, we are happy to give you some insights in the marketing trends for next year. Kantar recently published the study ‘Getting Media Right’ in which the marketing trends are investigated amongst 500 senior marketers. The study shows a dominance of advertisement on social media platforms and online video for 2020. However, research also noticed 46% of the marketers have not found the right balance between digital and offline media yet, while 76% struggle with cross-channel management. It’s time to get your media strategy right and boost your e-commerce sales!

To help you find the perfect mix between digital and offline marketing activities and decide on the marketing mix in your cross-channel strategy, it’s important to first have a clear overview of your target group. In order to do this, it can be helpful to create detailed buyers persona’s. You can describe your perfect customer group(s) based on demographical data, behaviour and buying motivations for example. 

Be aware of the latest trends in digital marketing

Once your target group is clear, it’s up to you to reach them with a clever marketing strategy and the right mix of channels. Investigate which offline and digital platforms are used amongst your audience and invest in advertisements on these platforms by using programmatic targeting. Since digital marketing is on top of mind, it’s important to stay up to date. Make sure you are aware of the latest trends in social media advertising and online video since they are about to be dominant next year, but also think of a user-friendly experience for your web shop visitors on mobile. You can definitely grow your online sales with mobile optimization. 

Quick delivery all over the world

Once you have promoted your E-commerce business the right way, customers start ordering and the time has come to pack and ship your products. Make your customer happy with quick delivery options all over the world. We understand you are busy running your business and that is exactly why Spring wants to make it easy for you to ship your orders so that both you and your customers are happy! 

Five tips to boost your online sales next year

  • Create detailed buyers personas
  • Reach your target group with a clever marketing strategy
  • Stay up to date on the digital marketing trends
  • Grow online sales with mobile optimization
  • Arrange the (international) shipping of your goods
We are your international shipping experts and we make it easy for you so you can focus on the growth of your online business. Curious how we can help you? Get in contact!