Spring partners up with PrestaShop

Setting up delivery options for your online business on PrestaShop has never been this easy!


Thanks to the partnership between Spring and PrestaShop we make it even easier for you to do your business. You can now download the free Spring GDS module to easily print your shipping labels and send the goods to your customers. Even tracking information is included! The Spring GDS module is launched in the back offices of France and Spain and also available in the Addons Marketplace worldwide.

Platform for E-commerce activities

PrestaShop is the free E-commerce platform that you can use to set up your website to sell products. And did you know that within France and Spain it’s the most used platform for E-commerce activities? 

Besides a strong framework for your online business, the platform also gives you the opportunity to buy Addons in a Marketplace, which can be compared to buying an app for your phone or computer. This means you can buy a new template to change the look and feel of your web shop, as well as a module to arrange the shipping of your goods. And that’s where the partnership comes in! 

With Spring GDS we provide PrestaShop users a free module to directly create shipping labels and get tracking information in your order overview when being or becoming a Spring customer. 

The free Spring GDS module is now available!
More information can be found on the PrestaShop page.