USA, United Kingdom and The Netherlands ranked as top 3 countries to easily do digital business

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Curious where to start your online cross border business and get the most traffic? According to a study done by Tufts University in Massachusetts, you are best do this in the United States, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, as they are ranked as the top countries to easily do digital business. A combination of having a sophisticated market, supply and institutional boosters for the digital economy, good accessibility to data and strong performance in terms of translating the ease across E-commerce platforms, digital media platforms, sharing economy platforms and freelance platforms makes it easy to do digital business and get traffic to your webshop!

First analysis: Ease of doing digital business in 42 countries around the world

The World Bank’s annual Doing Business survey measures how easy it is to do business in a country by examining regulatory environments. Interesting data, but according to Tufts University one important element was missing, namely the ease or difficulty of doing digital business. Therefore, Tufts University did its own complementary study on this in which digital business can be defined as that which has a digital platform as core to its business model. The study was split by four categories: E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, digital media platforms like Netflix, sharing economy platforms as Uber and online freelance platforms such as Upwork. They picked the countries that have the most significant markets for digital business worldwide and offer a consistent set of data across a wide range of indicators.

Offline and online business goes hand in hand

There is a strong correlation in the results of the World Bank’s annual Doing Business survey and the study done by Tufts University on doing digital business. E-commerce, given its high reliance on analog foundations for fulfilment and logistics demonstrates the strongest relationship with Doing Business Scores. Countries that are strong in doing business get a boost in their E-commerce platform scores, which in turn boosts their ease of doing digital business.

Doing business in the USA, United Kingdom and The Netherlands

Starting or optimizing your online business in one of the top 3 countries? Check out the country facts below and learn about the shopping profile of the locals as well as their delivery preferences. Get to know the preferred payment methods in each country and find out the top categories for online orders.




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