Spring boasts of metapack boost

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The UK division of one of the world's biggest mail and parcels operators has predicted further growth in e-commerce parcel volumes after completing a partnership agreement with a technology firm supporting many leading retail brands.

Spring UK, which is wholly owned by PostNL, has predicted that being included on the Metapack platform will prove to be another boost to its ongoing development. 

Importance of integration

Craig Lee, Spring UK's Head of Sales, Marketing and Channel, has described how inclusion meant its entire portfolio of delivery options would now be available to major UK brands for the first time. 

Mr Lee’s announcement follows the news that Spring had more than doubled the volume of parcels which it handled in the run-up to Christmas as it did during the corresponding period in 2018. 

“There can be no understating the significance of this integration. 

“Metapack is rightly viewed as the leading provider in e-commerce delivery management technology and is used by many of the so-called Tier One retailers, those major UK brands which have contributed to the growth in online shopping. 

“Such is its credibility that some retailers will not even enter into discussions with delivery specialists which are not involved with Metapack. 

“Part of that is down to its carrier certification programme, which has come to be regarded as a benchmark for the capabilities of delivery companies like our own. 

“Being on Metapack not only underlines our credentials but means our full and extensive range of services being available to many more and much bigger retailers than ever before.. 

“Due to the combination of Metapack and the systems which we have put so much work into upgrading in recent years, we are also able to start working with retail customers in far more rapid fashion than some of our competitors – moving from agreement to first deliveries in a matter of days – and that is an enormous advantage.” 

Some of the benefits of Spring’s transformation put in place by UK Managing Director, Steve Ferguson, upon his appointment three years ago were in evidence in the run-up to Christmas – the busiest time in the calendar for the delivery industry. 

160% increase in e-commerce parcels

Internal figures revealed that the number of e-commerce parcels which it shipped on behalf of some of the country's biggest brands during November was 160 per cent higher than in 2018. 

Further data indicated that e-commerce parcel traffic throughout 2019 was up 87 per cent on the previous 12 months. 

Partnership agreements

Mr Lee has suggested that the “considerable” increase was partly down to a series of partnership agreements struck with the most influential order management systems and four of the e-commerce platforms used by tens of thousands of British-based online retailers. 

Metapack was founded in 1999 and is the acknowledged leader in eCommerce delivery management technology to enterprise retailers and brands. 

The platform integrates more than 470 carriers and 5,500 different types of delivery service ensuring that retailers and brands can offer delivery options and convenience for their customers. 

Tom Forbes, Metapack’s Senior Vice President, Carriers, said that Spring’s expertise was an important addition to the delivery choice available to client brands. 

“We pride ourselves on being able to offer retailers the most appropriate delivery service for each client. 

“Due to the evolution and increasing sophistication in consumer delivery preferences in recent years that means we need to be able to provide the widest and most flexible range possible. 

“Being part of one of the world’s biggest mail and parcel firms, Spring has undoubted expertise both in its core territories and even further afield.  

“We’re delighted, therefore, to be able to present its services to clients who want a high quality, seamless and personalised delivery experience for their customers.” 

Attracting retail partners

Mr Lee said that he had no doubts that some of Metapack’s retail partners would be drawn to what Spring has to offer, not least its particular strengths in the growing online markets of the Benelux countries. 

“Having the opportunity to profile our very wide portfolio of services to some of the UK’s major brands is something which has tremendous potential for us. 

“We ship to more than 190 countries worldwide but, as the international cross-border specialist division of PostNL, we are regarded as being especially strong in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

“E-commerce parcel volumes bound for those territories have continued to rise in recent years not just because of any greater appetite for online shopping there but due to an appreciation that we're able to provide an ever broader range of value-added services allowing retailers to better serve their customers.”