Channels key to 2020 e-commerce growth

e-commerce growth

For many of us, it's become difficult to remember a time when we weren't able to shop online.

So prevalent and popular has e-commerce become that it's hard to imagine that the first purchase made using the internet only happened 25 years ago.

In that time, consumer demand has propelled the volume and value of online trade ever higher.

Last year, in fact, the e-commerce market across Europe grew by 13 per cent - worth an estimated €621 billion (£519 billion).

An increasing proportion of all those sales are conducted via marketplaces, including household brands such as Amazon and smaller competitors like Etsy or Rakuten.

However, trying to capitalise on potential sales via a number of outlets has meant retailers being confronted with a number of challenges.

Due to its unique role a broker providing brands with truly objective advice on 'best fit' delivery services, Spring has researched the advent of inventory management and shipping platforms as a solution.

Our findings are presented in this free and exclusive white paper which underlines how channels are likely to become even more widely used by retailers pursuing and maintaining success online.