Flexible support in fast changing times

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All 13 Spring offices around the world are still operational, even in countries in full or partial lockdown.

Our staff is committed to service our customers. E-commerce and postal services are becoming more important than ever; when we are asked to stay at home, this increases our need for e-commerce services.

Spring continues its service thanks to creative solutions. Both within and beyond Europe, we search to deliver quality and fast service. The exceptional pressures on capacity created by the current situation mean that some rates and transit times are being affected. In these challenging times, many airlines have cancelled their flights and therefore routes are not or less accessible. Flight capacity is scarce, and the rates are increased significantly. We are working closely with our customers to continue to deliver the excellent service they deserve. However, our suppliers are applying surcharges for flight destinations. Unfortunately, this would mean for specific destinations also Spring would need to apply surcharges at short notice, due to the emergency situation.

Our customers have to continue to deliver to their customers; we do whatever it takes to get the items to their final destination. Although rates and transit times are impacted, we are working with our customers to deliver what we promise. At the same time, the health and safety of our staff, customers and consumers are our highest priority; their needs are always taken into account.

Our salespeople are continuously updating our customers offering alternative routings when needed. For more information please contact our local sales representatives.

We listen, we inspire we deliver.