Spring and the final essential preparations for Brexit

Brexit Spring transition

The end of this year will be significant for many businesses across Europe.

In particular, companies either exporting from or shipping to the UK will see a tremendous difference in how they operate due to new rules which come into effect on the first of January 2021.

Those changes are necessary because of the end of a transition period designed to minimise the disruption caused by the UK's departure from the European Union.

The UK parliament formally adopted the Withdrawal Treaty agreed with the EU in late January, meaning that time was needed to conduct negotiations about how they will trade with each other in the future.

The fact that those talks continue and no final decisions have yet been made about what tariffs or restrictions may be put in place has created much uncertainty about what lies ahead.

Cross-border e-commerce

Trade will continue, of course. Among the biggest sectors will be e-commerce, which is forecast will account for an estimated €717 billion (£653 billion) in sales this year alone.

Approximately one-quarter of those orders involve retailers shipping products to consumers in another country.

Yet businesses which fail to prepare adequately for life after Brexit will see shipments delayed or even held up entirely by customs red tape.

Over the four years since the vote to leave the EU, Spring has been working with clients across the continent to ensure that they're ready for what is to come.

We are uniquely qualified to help.

Spring is wholly owned by one of the world's biggest mail and parcels operators, Post NL, and has vast experience in helping e-commerce brands capitalise on their appeal to shoppers in overseas' markets.


We also fulfill a quite distinct role compared to other parcel companies, acting as a broker to provide clients with the best possible services for their needs, not just our own products.

It's an approach which has seen us become trusted advisors to many hundreds of retailers, including some of Europe's biggest and most successful brands.

With that in mind, over the next three months and beyond, we'll be offering ongoing, detailed guidance about how to make sure that your business is Brexit-ready.

We'll take you through everything you need to know about dealing with customs, commodity codes and essential communications.

And if you still have any questions, our sales teams in your country and our range of innovative technological solutions are always available to help.

Europe is changing but Spring is here to help you embrace the challenge which lies ahead.

After all, we are Spring. We listen, we inspire and we deliver.

4 essential steps to prepare

Data is key!

  1. Register for an EU EORI number 
  2. Classify your products’ HS codes
  3. Have Certificates of Origin to hand
  4. Commercial invoices are crucial

For more information, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to support you in every steps of the way!