Spring: Helping you crack the Brexit code

Spring: Helping you crack the Brexit code

After nearly five years' discussion about when and how Britain will withdraw from the European Union, the date on which it will finally happen is now just 12 weeks away.

Retailers which ship products to or from Britain are understandably keen to do everything that they can to minimise possible disruption to trade in the future.

As an expert in cross-border deliveries, Spring is here to make dealing with Brexit less daunting and keep your business on-track.

In this latest article, we'll look at two very important considerations for retailers of all sizes: tariffs and the Harmonised System (HS) code.


A tariff is a tax imposed on the movement of goods between countries or trading blocs.

During almost half a century of the UK's EU membership, there have been no tariffs on items moved between the two.

However, if no agreement is reached by the end of the withdrawal transition period on the 31st of December, the system of tariffs will change, with duties likely to be calculated according to something known as the HS code.

HS Code

The code is a six-, eight- or 10-digit classification which has simplified the export of goods over more than 30 years, identifying specific items and their country of origin.

Brexit means that shippers will have to provide an HS code for every single shipment.

Without one, deliveries will take longer and be more expensive if customs decide that the correct amount of duty hasn't been paid.

The responsibility for any problems which occur lies with companies which send the products in question, so it makes sense to get it right from the start.

Keeping It Simple

Spring can help make that process straightforward, even for firms shipping large volumes of different types of goods to a wide number of territories.

Keep a look out for our forthcoming customer pack too, giving you all the essential information in a way which is easy to follow.

In the meantime, to find out more and overcome the potential for difficulties with duty, don't forget that Spring's sales team in your country is on hand.

Changes to the nature of European trade don't have to be challenging.

After all, we are Spring. We listen, we inspire and we deliver.

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