Spring makes it easy to connect to your Plentymarkets shop


At Spring, we are continuously working on finding solutions to help our customers grown their cross-border business.

In doing so we have recently partnered up with e-commerce platform Plentymarkets and launched our Spring GDS plug-in. The best part, it’s downloadable for free!


Plentymarkets is an e-commerce platform that offers all-in-one software to e-tailers for managing important e-commerce processes such as: B2B and B2C, checkout, content management, invoicing, stock management, after sales management, fulfillment and returns. Our Spring cross-border logistics solutions are a valuable addition within the platform.

Boost your cross border sales with the Spring GDS plugin

Plentymarkets has its own app store called the PlentyMarketplace. Within this marketplace sellers can download our Spring GDS shipping plugin for free and the plugin is available worldwide.

With the plugin one can download a label, get the carrier barcode and the tracking URL. You do not have to leave your Plentymarkets environment to prepare shipping at any time.

Get to know our services

Get to know more about us via the blog Deinen-Versandprozess-beschleunigen-mit-SPRING-GDS-Werbung from Plentymarkets. Also feel free to join our webinar on June 18th 2020 for more information on our services by subscribing on the link below (both in German).

Download the Plentymarkets plugin for free

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