Improve your shipping data to save time and trouble

Zephyr Hurricane bulk upload system

Providing complete and accurate information when shipping goods internationally is now imperative for e-retailers.

A succession of regulatory changes out of the European Union and the USA mean that not having valid electronic data when shipping cross-border will result in extra cost, delays at customs or refusal from entry for shipment and impact on overseas customers’ experience.

With many years' experience in handling cross-border shipments for retailers both large and small, Spring understands that being fully data compliant can be a time-consuming task, especially for e-retailers with extensive product portfolios.

That's why we think you should consider Zephyr, a new service from one of our partners, Hurricane Commerce, a specialist in cross-border e-commerce data.

Why is data now so important?

Changes in the rules governing how VAT and duties are applied to international shipments mean that truly accurate information is now required by tax authorities around the globe.

The digital passport which accompanies goods must have detailed information about package contents, such as value, weight, a full product description and Harmonised System number (HS code).

Not providing accurate data risks consumers facing unexpected charges upon receipt of goods or shipments being blocked entirely.

What is Zephyr and how can it help?

Zephyr is a data enhancement tool created by Hurricane which promises to speed up the process of finding and applying HS codes and product descriptions for your entire product portfolio.

Obtaining the HS codes of individual products manually takes time - particularly for high-volume shippers - and carries the potential for human error.

Zephyr not only fully automates the process but can complete it in minutes.

Retailers simply upload product descriptions in bulk via an Excel file and Zephyr checks the information to avoid possible problems, providing the correct HS/tariff code for each product line.

It also generates an 8 or 10 digital code if you provide information on the export or import country.

How can I find out more?

Zephyr is a solution created by one of Spring's technology partners, Hurricane Commerce.

If you're interested in how Zephyr can transform the accuracy of your product information, go to Spring bulk upload portal - for more details or contact your local Spring sales team for help.

Please contact Marisa van der Plas for additional information or support.