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In the last few decades, fast-evolving technology has reduced the world of retail to devices small enough to fit into the palms of our hands.

The popularity of online retail has also seen an increasing proportion of e-commerce orders accounted for by cross-border sales.

Research has suggested that the proportion of consumers worldwide buying from traders in other countries grew by more than a fifth during the first six months of 2020, as the global pandemic with lockdowns around the globe have caused buyers to go online and take advantage of greater choice and more competitive prices.

The way e-commerce businesses sell goods also continues to change.

As well as having their own web shops, retailers increasingly use online marketplaces and platforms to increase the profile of their products and generate extra orders.

Managing the sale and delivery of goods sold on different channels is, of course, a challenge in itself.

However, as part of one of the world's biggest mail and parcels operators, Spring has created a range of systems and solutions to help retailers of all sizes ship to overseas shoppers.

Whether you're a small start-up looking for help printing labels, an established brand needing help managing bulk consignments or you want to customise the delivery operations for your online store, you can rely on the cross-border expertise of Spring.

We have a multitude of ways for you to access more than 200 postal and commercial carriers and can advise you about finding the one which best suits your business.

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that Spring can help you simplify and accelerate your shipping.

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