2021-08-30-Manage customer expectations with Spring GDS holiday calendars

Manage customer expectations with Spring GDS holiday calendars

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National holidays around the world and closing dates of commercial carriers and distribution hubs may affect the transit times of your international deliveries. Our new downloadable calendar files can help your e-commerce business manage customer expectations.

International e-commerce shipping comes with a lot of complexity. On top of customs clearance, tax and international returns management, national holidays and the closing days of our distribution partners affect when consumers are likely to receive your products.

To help manage your customers’ expectations about when their orders will be delivered, it’s good to anticipate when distribution hubs, commercial carriers and postal services will be closed.

With Spring GDS’s new, downloadable calendar files, you have all the information you need to keep your customers updated about the circumstances that may affect their transit times.

Customised calendars, tailored to your needs

On our international holidays and closing dates page, you can now download calendar files with the national holidays of the countries that affect your operations and download the closing dates of the commercial carriers you use. As a Spring GDS customer, it makes sense to download the closing days of Spring GDS’s European distribution hubs too.

The calendar files, which are compatible with most well-known calendar applications, are updated automatically to display the most up-to-date information on national holidays and closing days each year. This means you’ll only have to download a calendar once to benefit from it forever.

How do the calendar downloads work?

The national holidays and closing days calendars are available as .ical files that are compatible with commonly-used apps such as Google Calendar, iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, Zoho Calendar, Teamup, Teamweek and WriteUpp.

You can select and download the calendar files that are useful to your business, open your calendar settings, select ‘Import & export’ and import the .ical files. Depending on your preferences, the calendar dates can be added to your current calendar or added as an additional one.

Preparing for peak shipping season

Especially around peak shipping season – which starts approximately mid-October and lasts until Chinese New Year – proactive logistics planning is extremely important. With parcels needing to be delivered by strict dates such as

Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s crucial that your customers aren’t disappointed by late parcel deliveries.

Spring GDS’s tips for preparing for peak shipping season? Send out proactive communications to customers, reminding them to order items well in advance of the holidays.

If consumers do have questions about where their parcels are, our detailed parcel tracking and downloadable calendars of when warehouses and distribution services are closed can help your Customer Service department give well-informed answers.

Keeping updated with other delays in deliveries

On top of the closing dates of distribution carriers and national holidays around the world, external factors like floods and COVID-19 safety measures can cause delays to your deliveries. In order to keep you updated about these unpredictable causes of delays, we publish International Service Alerts (ISAs) on our website. To be the first to know about the latest delays due to external factors, sign up to our ISA email alerts.

Spring GDS: helping e-commerce businesses deliver

The national holiday calendars and International Service Alerts are part of our mission to facilitate affordable and timely international deliveries to e-commerce businesses worldwide.

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