New Year, New Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Delivering cost-effective, quality services in a low-carbon economy

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As you‘re putting Christmas wrapping paper into the recycling bin this year, you may be asking yourself the same questions we are. Which eco-friendly actions make a measurable difference to the environment? How can I grow my business while thinking about global sustainability? Which “Green” initiatives truthfully make a positive impact and which ones are just a distraction?

We are investigating how to reduce the carbon footprint in all our activities

Every day we and our partners cover thousands of kilometres by road and air delivering and returning parcels worldwide. As we inevitably contribute to global CO2 emissions, the urgency to implement actions to reduce these wherever possible couldn‘t be higher.

From volumetric pricing systems to hybrid cars and single-trip returns solutions, our teams in all countries are finding local initiatives that can reduce CO2 emissions at every step of the delivery journey. We are finding end-to-end cross-border delivery solutions with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Spring GDS pride ourselves on finding end-to-end delivery solutions that are cost-effective and simplified for you and your customers. Our next challenge is to integrate sustainability actions to give your business green credentials that count.

Offsetting is not enough

We have proudly partnered with projects that make a measurable difference to reducing atmospheric CO2 and contribute to a healthier planet. For example, last year Spring GDS used carbon credits obtained through our customer satisfaction survey to purchase 542 water bunds in Kenya for our partner JustDiggit. This simple environmental action hydrates and re-greens the landscape, increases local biodiversity, absorbs atmospheric CO2 and helps local farming communities.

However, compensating for our own CO2 emissions like this is only part of the solution. We are investigating how to reduce our carbon footprint as a first step so that actions towards going carbon-neutral are even more effective.

Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t stop at the environment

In addition to environmental action in our delivery services, Spring GDS is bringing more inclusive and socially responsible activities into all areas of our business. As a truly global organisation, we understand that environmental action, human rights and ethical business practices are all connected. We are taking steps to integrate 360-degree social responsibility into our daily activities and put this philosophy into practice.

Bring fresh business values into 2022 with Spring GDS

As the new year brings new opportunities, you can have confidence in us to combine cost-effective delivery strategies for your business with a global and sustainable ethos. We will keep you updated on ways we’re discovering to make every step of your journey protect the environment and our global community.