Products valued over 1000 EUR can now be shipped to the United Kingdom with no extra hassle

Spring UK bounces forward with new management team and vision for growth

There’s nothing more you need to do to start shipping higher value items with us

Spring GDS customers can now take advantage of delivering more expensive goods to the UK with no additional customs clearance, Duty or VAT administration

Since Brexit presented challenges to e-commerce businesses shipping to and from the UK, Spring GDS created a seamless customs clearance and delivery solution to take away all the additional administration and avoid extra costs. No fear of additional surprise costs appearing on the doorstep or complications arising from landing costs, Duty, import licenses or VAT.

The Spring GDS solution:

  • Ensures all additional charges are calculated at the checkout on your webshop.
  • Takes care of all export declarations at your local shipping hub and import declarations at the destination.
  • Handles each step of the end-to-end delivery journey and makes it easy for your customers to return goods.

Now the Spring GDS portfolio has expanded so businesses shipping goods over 1000 EUR can access the same smooth end-to-end delivery solution

If you’re already a Spring GDS customer there is nothing more you need to do to bring this feature into your business. Just contact one of our sales teams for any assistance with adding higher value goods to your deliveries.

If you're a new customer, get in touch with us about a tailored solution for your business which handles all the paperwork, saves you valuable time and guarantees a positive customer experience. Our team can get you set up within 24 hours to start enjoying speedy customs clearance as part of a cost-effective delivery solution.

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