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Brexit Spring transition

Carry on shipping: The Spring Brexit Digest

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement announced on December the 24th marks an historic milestone in relations between the European Union and the UK.

Spring and Brexit: Talking Tax

Spring and Brexit: Talking Tax

Each of the many new arrangements made necessary by Brexit present challenges for businesses shipping to and from the UK.

Spring: Helping you crack the Brexit code

Spring: Helping you crack the Brexit code

After nearly five years' discussion about when and how Britain will withdraw from the European Union, the date on which it will finally happen is now just 12 weeks away.

Noreway VAT ruling

Norway’s new VAT rule and e-commerce

Traditionally speaking, the habits of online consumers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom spring to mind when thinking of European e-commerce.

Old postal Routes

Old postal routes come to life

The Hague, May 11, 2020 - For centuries, postal mail was distributed across Europe by postillions on horseback and by stagecoach. PostNL today releases 6 new stamps on which t …