Tag & Trace

Gain insights into your untracked packages against minimum costs with Tag & Trace!

Tag & Trace

New insights based on RFID technology

As an online retailer you sometimes have no choice but to send items without extra services like tracking, for instance because the low value of your products doesn’t warrant the extra cost. However, extra information on your shipments is always welcome. Especially if you ship internationally. 

With Tag & Trace you get valuable insights in the shipment of this stream of products at minimal cost. By means of an RFID tag, your shipment can be easily traced around the world and allows you to provide an even better customer experience. Adding value to your international e-commerce business and standing out from your competition has never been so easy!

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How does it work?

With Tag & Trace, Spring ships your packages using the global network of postal delivery companies. You can benefit from this service, gather important information and gain a lot of added value, simply by adding an RFID tag to your shipments. 

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  2. Order your RFID tags via our Tag & Trace portal
  3. Activate your tags
  4. Ready to send and trace your items!


Where can you send your Tag & Trace items to?

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What's in it for you?

Tag & Trace enables you to see when a package arrives in the country of destination, when it’s awaiting customs release up to when your package is out for delivery to your customer But there is more...

  • You can follow your currently untracked packages.
  • Upgrade your customer service with valuable insights you never had before.
  • Easy to implement
  • A reliable service that offers a near 100% read quality
  • No minimum volume is required
  • Measure the performance of third party logistics
Accelerate your international e-commerce business by using our new tracking service and upgrade your customer experience.


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