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Spring as a broker is your best international delivery partner. Discover what you can save and how to optimise your (e)logistics chain.

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You love your business. Your customers are the world. Service is your middle name. And you know that global delivery isn’t a game. Finding the best deal for a fair price is tough. There’s a lot to take care of, and a lot to figure out. Something you can learn the hard way, or you can talk to us. We’ve been around.

We’re your global delivery dream team: fast, flexible, friendly

As we are fully part of the PostNL Group, we know a thing or two about the delivery business. We have all the means and know-how to get your mail, packages & parcels delivered in the fastest, most efficient, safest and most profitable way possible.

You’ll be surprised how serious we are about customer care

We offer a free scan of your logistic chain and we’ll show you where you can optimise. Does that mean that we want the whole cake? Not necessarily. We’re open to work side by side with your current logistic partner(s), and handle the part where we bring true added value. Both in profit and in care.

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More traffic to your online shop?

Talk to us about our international Direct Marketing solutions

Did you know that Direct Mail is the medium with the highest return on investment?
A good marketing mix is not about choosing between online and offline, but about a right set of complimentary channels. A well-designed Direct Mail works as a real booster to generate more traffic to your online shop.

Well done, you managed to turn your online traffic into actual orders

Talk to us about our international packet & parcel solutions

Now the fun part starts! If you’re looking for the best way to deliver these orders across the border, we offer quite unique and flexible solutions up to 30 kg. For smaller items up to 2 kg, we even offer creative low-cost solutions to get your orders in your customer’s hands, with or without tracking options.

Is the delivered item not exactly what your customer expected?

Talk to us about our smooth international returns solutions