20180720Additional charges on international shipments to destination Brazil by Correios

Additional charges on international orders with destination Brazil by Correios

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Since August 27th all international shipments to Brazil, including untracked services, are subject to the collection of the amount of R $ 15 (approximately USD 3.5).

In recent years, only the items taxed by Customs were charged with this value, but now, all inbound items are subject to this payment.

The service refers to Customs support activities carried out by Correios, such as:

  • The receipt of items and inspection by X-ray
  • Formalisation of importation into the Customs system (when applicable)
  • Treatment of eventual nonconformities (forbidden objects, dangerous or with specific requirements imposed by the Customs authority for admission)
  • Collection and transfer of taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (when there is a tax)
  • provision of information to the importer for clearance of the consignment via the Internet

Recipients awaiting orders from overseas must access the object tracking system from Correios and make the payment for the postal order. The delivery period of the object, according to the service contracted at the time of purchase, starts to count from the date of confirmation of payment.