20181119 Big things come in Small packages

Big things come in Small packages

Subscription box trend growing on a global scale

subscription boxes are the future

Each month, people look forward to getting specialty subscription boxes in the mail. Whether they are expats getting comfort food from their native countries or Millennials receiving a box of beer, video games or beauty products, the subscription box trend is growing across all sectors and countries.

In the US alone, this e-commerce trend has grown more than 100 percent each year, for the past five years. A McKinsey report shows the trend is being fueled by venture-capital investments, start-ups as well as major brands like P&G (Gillette on Demand), Sephora (Play!) and Walmart (Beauty Box). 

A billion-pound market in the UK

Meanwhile, in the UK Royal Mail is anticipating the delivery of subscription boxes to reach one billion by 2022. This is a substantial increase from 2017 when it was 583 million. Who is behind this trend? Millennials. These digital natives grew up with e-commerce and now that they are adults, they enjoy getting monthly deliveries of their favourite toiletries and beauty products to weekly deliveries of fruit and vegetables. 

Spring can help you get onboard the subscription market

As more people around the world enjoy receiving monthly packages, e-tailers need to manage shipping orders overseas and to other countries. It can be a challenge to find an affordable and reliable way to ship small packages and remain competitive. Our small packet shipping solutions are ideal for this subscription trend. 

Take advantage of the subscription box market with our Spring International Packet Solutions. Send your products to international destinations in our special small parcel boxes. They are about the size of a shoebox and can ship a maximum of 2kg. You can choose from three different shipping options:

  • Cost-effective Packet 
  • Fast and reliable Packet with tracking 
  • Premium Packet Plus with a recipient signing for delivery
If you need additional services, you can also get Tag & Trace for real-time insights into your untracked packages. Whether you’re shipping from the US to the UK or China to Europe, Spring can deliver your specialty subscription packages on time, each month.