Privacy Statement

G3 Worldwide Mail N.V. and its subsidiaries (“Spring”) aim to provide high-quality services in which reliability is a key factor. We regard the privacy of our customers and the careful treatment of their personal data as an important aspect of the reliability of our products and services. This privacy statement provides general information on how we deal with your personal data.

Our objective

Obviously, it is our objective to offer you the best possible service. We want to offer you targeted and personalised services, and for this we need your personal data. We make sure that we comply with the legislation and regulations that apply to the use of personal data. We consider it very important that our service is transparent, reliable and personal. You can be sure that we process your personal data with the utmost of care.

What are personal data?

Data are considered personal when they can be used to identify you as a person. Examples of personal data include name, address, date of birth and bank account number. Your IP address or user name can also be marked as personal data. In this privacy statement, we will explain how we process your personal data and what measures we take to protect your data. Our privacy statement comprises the following:

1. We need your personal data to be able to provide our services.

2. We only use your personal data for the purposes listed in this privacy statement. For example, we will not sell your personal data to third parties.

3. We would like to update you on interesting information about products or services offered by Spring or third parties that are relevant to you.

4. We want to offer you custom services, which we do by displaying information on our website that is as relevant as possible to you, and by making you interesting offers.

5. For some services, we make use of support from external parties in delivering the products or services you order. Of course, we make solid agreements with these external parties concerning the careful treatment of your personal data.

6. If you use a Spring Account, you can easily manage all your personal data at a central location.

7. To be able to continue improving our website, we keep track of personal data on the use of our website.

8. We keep your personal data no longer than we need to, except in the event of legal obligations to keep personal data for a longer period of time.

9. We do everything we can to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, loss or theft.

10. You have the right to view your personal data that we process. In addition, you have the right to have us correct, block or remove the processing of your personal data.


For any comments or questions on this privacy statement or to view any of your personal data, contact us at our Help & Support page.

This Privacy Statement was last changed on 9 March 2015. We will of course regularly update you on any further changes.